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LAF a repris l’activité SEPAV de fabrication de boyaux de frein, complémentaire à notre activité de conception et fabrication d’attelages automatiques de choc et traction.

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Faced with frequent knuckle breakages, which cause delays, accidents and consequently operating losses, our customers have asked us to improve the mechanical strength of these safety critical devices.

As customer satisfaction is our highest priority, in 2015 LAF developed a heavy duty knee pad that has mechanical characteristics 20-40% greater than those that are found in common use around the world.

Having completed initial customer trials, the results for the LAF heavy duty knee pad far exceed those obtained by calculation and laboratory testing.

The new LAF HEAVY DUTY KNEE PAD is due to enter service on various networks soon.

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LAF is pleased to announce its participation like exhibitor at InnoTrans 2016, the most important International Trade Fair for Railway Industry, to be held in Berlin from 20th to 23th of September 2016. For this occasion, with its partners CIM (www.cimgroupe.com), SEG (www.sogema-engineering.com), Spencer Moulton , IBRE , LAF is pleased to meet you in the Hall 3.2., booth 301 E. For any further information, get in touch with the company or to organize a meeting at the show, you can contact us directly to our contact mail : cim@cimgroupe.com.

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In 2015, LAF passed the "crash" tests validating the fusibility of LAF 9000 box, installed on passenger coaches to ensure passenger safety in case of an accident. The LAF 9000 box complies with European standard EN 15227. The tests were carried out by TÜV in Germany.

Test Description

- Fixed test elements, hit by a moving coach.

- Using deformable safety element on the coach (to prevent breakage if the fusibility does not).

- Measurement of instantaneous impact speed, strength and deformation.   - Coach speed: 18 +/- 2 km / h - Mass of the coach: 11250 kg.

- Test acceptance criteria: fusibility between 2000 kN +/- 10%.

- Test Results: COMPLIANT, fusibility occurred at 1998.7 kN

Compliance with EN 15227 allows LAF to position itself alongside its industrial partners in the passenger rail market where security has become a major concern. Through this new development, LAF demonstrates its ability to adapt to the ever more demanding challenges of the railway world.

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Present and active for years in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, CIM and its divisions is happy to offer Russian versions on all group websites.

They are now available:
• www.cimgroupe.com
• www.laf-lloyd.com
• www.sogema-engineering.com

До встречи на наших сайтах !

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LAF took over the SEPAV’s activity of brake hose manufacturing, which will enrage our activities in designing and manufacturing of shock and traction automatic couplers.

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Resulting from our joint venture with FMC smelting works company in Pavlodar, the CIM-FORMAT team had the pleasure to welcome in June, 2015 His Excellency Mr Francis Etienne, Ambassador of France in Kazakhstan, accompanied by a delegation led by the Akimat (Mayor) of Pavlodar.

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Astana (Kazakhstan), 5 December 2014 – During the official visit of President Hollande, CIM is signing an agreement with Kazakh railway company Format Group to create a Joint Venture (JV) called CIM FORMAT.

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