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A plug-in solution

With the aim of making new use of existing locomotives for a mining project, a customer has requested LAF to study the possibility of a conversion to enable a Willison type coupler to now be installed.

These locomotives were equipped with UIC standard traction couplers  ( hook/screw coupler) and the customer wants to convert them for use with longer and heavier freight trains.

Wishing to still also keep the possibility to pull UIC wagons, LAF has proposed its “Unilink” coupler which permits a simple transition between 2 coupler types , UIC and SA3. For this coupler installation, LAF has designed an adaptation box for the locomotives underframe, with the aim of minimizing modifications on the frame.

This « plug-in » solution has enabled the customer to minimize the downtime of its locomotives to install this new coupler and, therefore, to fully take advantage of the new opportunities which were offered by this solution.

This « plug-in » solution has lead to LAF being requested by another mining customer to design a similar modification for their perform the same type of locomotives.

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